Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve, this most important holiday for Chinese. I came back to my hometown, Fuzhou, Fujian, last night. My flight was delayed for 45mins, which is kind of lucky.
In the mainland of China, the government disallows people to access Google, Facebook, Dropbox and many other useful services using the so-called Great Fire Wall (GFW). Before I went to Hong Kong, I was always using goagent to cross the GFW. Before goagent, I have also tried to buy ssh or VPN service in the US. Goagent is based on Google App Engine, and because of some limitations of GAE, you have to install some certificates manully before using goagent, which I think it is nasty and maybe unsecure.
But, now, I have access to my desktop in Hong Kong. So why not use my desktop in Hong Kong as my proxy?
Because my desktop connect to the Internet through a proxy, so I can’t use dynamic port forwarding to turn my SSH client into a SOCKS proxy server directly. First, I install Privoxy on my desktop in Hong Kong:


Now, I have a http proxy at localhost:8118.

Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy~

2 thoughts on “Howto – Cross the Great Fire Wall

  1. leon says:

    I am chinese,but everytime I find it is hard to cross great fire wall,sometimes i really want to know what happened at abord,can you help me !Thank you!

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