For some reason, I have to install GCC 4.6 on a Fedora 12 server in the department (sadly that I can’t wipe it out and reinstall a latest version of Ubuntu).

I believe the following steps [1] are similar in other versions of Fedora or CentOS.

First, install necessary libraries:

Then download the source code, configure, make and install,

The GCC will be installed under /usr/local. You can change the install dir by adding --prefix=PATH_TO_INSTALL_DIR on configuration command.
To use GCC 4.6 in cmake, set CC=gcc-4.6 and CXX=g++-4.6.

You may encounter a fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory. [2]

This error message shows up on the 64 bit systems where GCC/UPC multilib feature is enabled, and it indicates that 32 bit version of libc is not installed. There are two ways to correct this problem:

  1. Install 32 bit version of glibc (e.g. glibc-devel.i686 on Fedora, CentOS, ..)
  2. Disable ‘multilib’ build by supplying “–disable-multilib” switch on the compiler configuration command

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