For some reason, I have to install GCC 4.6 on a Fedora 12 server in the department (sadly that I can’t wipe it out and reinstall a latest version of Ubuntu). I believe the following steps [1] are similar in other versions of Fedora or CentOS. First, install necessary libraries:

Then download the source code, configure, make and install,

The GCC will be installed under /usr/local. You can change the install dir by adding –prefix=PATH_TO_INSTALL_DIR on configuration command. To use GCC 4.6 in cmake, set CC=gcc-4.6 and CXX=g++-4.6. You may encounter a fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory. [2] This error message shows up on the 64 bit systems where GCC/UPC multilib feature is enabled, and[…]

Recently, I love to read the blog The Setup. It includes many interviews about how people get their work done from web developers, kernel developers, professors, researchers, musicians, politics, poet etc. It’s quite interesting and I can learn some new tools and new tricks to help myself in study and work. According to these interviews, most people use MacOS or Linux while the situation in China is quite different that Windows XP is still dominant. After reading one of those interviews, I have give ArchLinux a try in VirtualBox. I think it takes too much time for me to configure a functional system with GUI. Anyway, I’m fine with Ubuntu now. I’ve transferred from Unity to Gnome3 recently. In the[…]