This article record how I setup the printer in our office at CSE, CUHK on my Ubuntu 12.04. According to some tutorial, I only need go to Printing -> Add -> Network Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA, and install the printer at \NTSVR3\lp120. Actually, I can find the printer at smb:/CSDOMAIN/NTSVR3/lp120, but I cannot verify the authentication with my CSE username and password. I search for solutions in Google and somebody says I should install SAMBA:

Then, everything is OK… But I still cannot figure out why I can find the printer but cannot verify my authentication without SAMBA. Next, I choose the driver HP LJ 4000 PS. But when I print papers to read, I found that[…]

I encounter a problem when I tried to compile the storm-starter project using lein (using Maven internally), because I am behind a fraking proxy. So I add proxy configuration in ~/.m2/settings.xml.